Remix Video

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And here is the video to the song. Hope you will like it:)


The Official Remix of Apricot Stone

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How do you like it?

Eva on “Tashir 2010”

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Promo-tour in Greece

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Planting Apricot Tree in Nicosia

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Here I am

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Hello dear fans, friends and just readers.

After the announcement of my name as a winner at National Selection Contest, the portion of my free time turned to be just tiny, and I had to give up my “online life”. Still my colleagues and friends promised to help me with this, and thus we started up this blog.¬† Most of the time I will ask them to post updates and keep you tuned, and sometimes, in the middle of concerts, rehearsals and press conferences¬† I will enjoy the sweetest moment of reading your inspiring comments. That was a hint:)